More than goals reached


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I couldn't believe when I first started the program that I had 8 Covid kllo's to shed! I wasn't feeling the best, I was uninspired with my wardrobe and just fatigued all the time. The pathology test was a huge wake up call. I still thought I was doing ok health wise, but the bloods showed the opposite! I'm so happy I started this program, otherwise it would have been a slippery slope of trying things that I would never stick to and my health getting worse. After the 28 day program, the best way to describe it is The slug has been taken off my back. I am fully energised, alert, and am now only tired at the end of the day when it's getting ready for bed. But there is a list of things I have noticed in this time frame. I used to have joint pain in my knees - gone. Being a 'mature woman', starting to feel the affects of menopause, hot flushes, moodiness etc - gone. ( it feels so good to get my sense of humour back!!!) Brain fog - gone I'm excited about my wardrobe again, all the clothes I can fit back into & look good in!!! The need to snack constantly has been alleviated & I must say the Bone broth has been a God send!!!!! Overall I have to say, I feel fantastic!!!! and I realise now it's been a very long time since I have felt this way, so very determined to keep this lifestyle. Maintenance program is now a go!