COVID Kilos , plus some, gone

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I signed up to Donna Aston's 28 program for weight loss and general wellbeing. Like many Victorians, I succumbed to the woes of multiple lockdowns in 2020. I did keep up a consistent exercise regime, but my diet and using alcohol as a bit of a crutch to deal with lockdown - well inevitably the kilos just crept on and on. Yes a bit cliched - but the start of 2021 was a new beginning and I resolved to lose those COVID-kilos. I was making some slow progress with another program and then my husband suggested Donna Aston - and I took the plunge. With an upcoming holiday to Hamilton Island for our wedding anniversary - right at the conclusion of the 28-day program - I had good motivation to stick to the program. I can't believe how much I have learnt on this program, about the science of weight loss, but also about myself. I won't lie, it was tough and I needed a lot of willpower, but I had the motivation and that made me stick to it. At the conclusion of the program I'd lost 7 kilos. I was thrilled. I went to Hamilton Island feeling fantastic and confident to be seen in a bikini. I'm planning to continue with the maintenance program as I feel like the structure helps, but looks like there is enough flexibility that I can stick to it longer term than the strict 28-day program. But without a doubt - the 28-day program works - I would highly recommend it.