Goal Achieved


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

Completed the 28 day program and feel fantastic, losing close to 7kg, which is amazing. I’ve been putting on weight, steadily over the past few years, trying many different diets to lose it with limited success(or no success). I love the structured approach, it was exactly what I needed. The science and education provided from Donna really connected with me and helped understand the why which kept me committed. It is strict. in terms the foundation rules but worth the effort for the results. There were challenges, social functions, missing some favourites etc but knowing it was 28 days made it ok. I feel so happy that I’ve been able to lose this weight and looking forward to losing more on the maintenance program. More importantly I feel I have the tools to not put it back on and be able maintain my normal lifestyle. I want to thank Donna and the team and I would highly recommend the program to help you a hive you health and weight loss objectives. Laura much to my surprise I rarely felt hungry and