After years Of Yo Yo Dieting i Think i Have Finally Found The Not a Diet But a New Way Of Eating


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

After 28 days I lost 10 kg and was feeling like finally for the first time in my life I was not on a diet but rather a journey to a new way of life. I started exercising on a regular basis and am now able to go out and say no to food. I am making much smarter food choices and no longer craving sugary foods and pastries. With Christmas around the corner I have chosen to trial the maintenance programme for a couple of months even though it will take me longer to lose the extra weight. Being able to start my day with berries, nuts and yoghurt has given me the start to the day I was craving on the 28 Day programme. Donnas programme is working for me and I thank my son every day for recommending it to me.