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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I have always eaten well, although some "bad"habits had crept in over the decades. Slowly over time my weight has increased each year at a very low rate however over 2 decades @ approx 300-400 grams per year which equated to 7Kg. To put that in perspective I am 184cm & used to weigh 90Kg & have always been very active with exercise etc. and maintained a reasonable level of fitness & very good health throughout my life What I found and had not been aware even though I undertook regular (every 6 months) blood tests that my Insulin level was elevated ( Aston pointed this out to me) which meant my body would resist any short term attempts to loose weight unless I made some "radical" changes. So with that information in hand coupled with the program I was able to drop just over 7Kg during the 28 day program. Once you set your mind to it, I must say its not that hard, especially keeping the end goal in mind. I can highly recommend this program for anyone looking to potentially turn the clock back and reduce the likelihood of future health issues that are associated with carrying those extra kilos!