Goals Achieved: General Health

I heard Donna talking with Brigitte Duclos on Triple M earlier this year which inspired me to take the step toward better health. I had followed Donna's books years ago and had had success so I thought it's now or never. There were some very confronting photos of me taken on holiday last year that really made me sad inside. I felt like I was a failure - how could I have let myself get to that stage. It took me three attempts to jump in but I really had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. My pathology results were also confronting - I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my twin daughters so I am in a higher risk category to get diabetes again. Did I mention I also weighed more than I did in my twin pregnancy. So my approach was that I had always put my families well being first but now it's time I put myself first. They would benefit from my action too. I took care to choose great vegetables, the best protein and the right bacon. I spent time exploring the fabulous recipes on the web site and taking take time to care and nourish myself - I have even grown to like Bone Broth. The Forum is also a great resource to answer questions, share ideas and encourage one another. There were a couple of times I was disappointed with my Sunday result but Donna and her Team were responsive and helpful. The aches and pains I was living with have dissipated, chronic heel pain is now just a small niggle. I had spent almost $500 on ultrasound treatment to fix it and it never worked. I joined up to AstonRX and got so much - no aches, better sleep, weight loss, general well being and health. Now family and friends are asking what have been doing - "You look great". For me the key is to be organised with my meal prepping, Donna has done the rest, all the resources are there at my disposal. It's the best value for money I have spent on my health, a real investment