Pam Sheehan

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss, General Health

One month ago I was insulin-dependent and not feeling well literally opening my eyes each morning thinking about my next chocolate piece or sugar fix. The initial blood test reassured me that I was not on the verge of diabetes but I know now that sugar dependency was running me. Not fully believing that my 5kg weight loss goal was achievable in such a short amount of time I was desperate to make a change in my life. In lockdown Melbourne, through Covid, I was snacking from the time I got home from work till I went to bed and did not know how to stop! This program has given me the tools and confidence to not only not snack between meals but enjoy salt and fat rather than sugar which is a way better health option. Almost everything I had followed before to achieve a healthier lifestyle has been flipped on its head! Wow. Challening and life changing. I feel great and my beautiful summer dresses and jeans all fit! Now I can't wait for the maintenance program I start today.