13.6kgs lighter and never felt better!

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss, General Health

I signed up to Donna's 28 day program with the goal to lose some unhealthy weight that i had gained during lockdown. I am stoked with my results and the way that i feel! Not only have i lost 13.6kgs but i have learnt so much about my body & now i have the knowledge to continue to stay healthy & keep the weight off. I have tried many diets before that have resulted in gaining the weight back in a number of weeks. What i have loved about this is that, it has been straightforward and easy to follow. The team at Aston RX have been great to deal with answering any question promptly. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to loose a few kgs & have a happier, healthier lifestyle. My partner and i have enjoyed learning lots of new recipes and new way to cook. Thank you to Donna and the team at Aston RX! Adam :)