my 28 day journey

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I have battled stupid hormones, stress and lack of sleep for the past year or two. Living in Melbourne, covid has also threw a spanner in the works with no gym access. But prior to covid, I tried multiple variations on food , keto, high & low carb etc , l had become frustrated with training and getting no progress or change to weight / body ( adding more stress) l started to explore any other options that l had not tried. Hearing about AstonRx from Bridget Duclos on triple m who is in my age range and the success she had l thought why not. So l signed up for the 28 day program. The last 14 days were quite stressful personally as my work was going through restructure so any training l was getting was impacted by longer days with work matters. I was so excited when l checked my results and can only imagine how much better they would have been under my "normal" training routine. I lost 2kg in week 1&2 then 1k for weeks 3&4 so a total of 6kg. I also tracked my measurements: Weight 6k ⬇️ Arm 1cm ⬇️ Chest 5cm⬇️ Waist 8cm⬇️ Hips 7 1/2cm ⬇️ Thigh 4cm⬇️ The support from the AstonRx team and other participants has been fantastic , l am now into the maintenance program and can't wait to see what l can achieve when we can get back to normal gym training !! I feel fantastic! I highly recommend this program. Thank you so much Donna and team xo