Like nothing else!

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss, General Health

I was completely lost on how to lose all my extra weight, feeling so uncomfortable in my body. With the overload of information on the internet, I was trying things and nothing working. This new way of life is just so simple, I jumped right in and saw the rewards instantly!! It encourages healthy eating and getting your health right. No diet pills or shakes just fresh unprocessed food! It's a no brainier. I've never been so confident in following a program ever! The support all the way through is fantastic. My stress and anxiety has been almost non existent since beginning the 28 days. 28 days saw my weight down by 9.2kg 8 weeks now and I've lost 13kg. Everyone can see it, 2 friends have already joined the program with 2 more ready to sign up. I feel amazing, thank you Aston RX and Triple m for recommending this program. Best investment ever