I will never again be that girl I was 18 months ago

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

HAVING resigned myself to being a 'fat chick' after having a baby, I came across Donna and her program at just over 90kg, cynical and frankly pretty miserable. Fast forward 18 months I’m 25-odd-kilos lighter and for the first time in my 38 years not obsessed with losing weight but focused on being healthy and strong. As Donna says the rest follows. It was Donna’s 28-day turnaround which was the catalyst for real change. We’d been working on amping up the fitness, but it wasn’t until doing the program that the results really started to show. Perhaps, more importantly, six or so months later, the results are still there, not to mention my whole mindset on how to approach nutrition and lifestyle shifting. Prior to this, I had tried everything. I’d boiled my fat, frozen my fat, juiced till I was bedridden and fasted in an ashram with just home-made coffee colonics. I’ll stop there I’d tried the fad diets or trends like Paelo and Keto, I'd done so many online wellness courses promising me results that I’ve lost count. Nothing worked. Repeat nothing worked. The weight would fall off after doing the extreme measures, only to pile back on, with some. I was supersizing myself. Stripping the sugar from my diet following a thorough evaluation of my bloods and lifestyle, which becomes surprisingly less difficult after week one, has changed my metabolism. As much as I would like to keep religiously to the maintenance diet, there are times where you falter. But rather than just fall completely off the wagon the way I had done EVERY, SINGLE, TIME before, I now use Donna’s program as a blueprint to how to approach eating and map out my week and find I look and feel great the pretty much the minute I start adopting the program again. It’s simple, and no fuss, you just have to do it as Donna would say. It took completing the program to now know what my body needs, how to get back there quickly and see results even quicker. Having stripped everything back and focusing on what it needed with the extra supplements, I found the energy I didn’t realise I had. That fat girl I’d resigned myself to being has left the building and rather than just wanting to be thinner, I want to be strong and healthy. I’m still cynical, but I’m no longer miserable and thanks to Donna’s no-nonsense, 28-day program that just makes common sense, I will never again be that girl I was 18 months ago.