There are so many commercial products now masquerading as 'healthy options', labelled with clever marketing. It's important to be aware of the imposters!

Oils ain't oils!

A brief explanation of the various types of fats and oils and their sources ...

Vitamin D: why do we need it?

We now know that Vitamin D has a significant impact on overall health and wellbeing, including our ability to fight disease, lose weight and reduce depression.

Game Changers?

Recently there has been much media hype promoting the idea of a plant-based diet, generally with the assumption that such a diet is healthier for humans than a diet inclusive of animal-based foods. #Gamechangers

Mayo Recipe

The Best Mayo You've Ever Made!

A Gut Feeling

A Gut Feeling You have over 100 trillion microbes living inside your body, collectively known as your microbiota. Amazingly, your body contains more bacteria than it does human cells, which play a significant role in your overall physical and mental wellbeing